exported GPG private key does not work with PGP

Robert Allerstorfer roal at anet.at
Wed Dec 26 13:15:01 CET 2001


I compiled GnuPG-1.0.6c-devel on Linux and generated the key pairs
using --gen-key and the default algo (DSA und ElGamal). I wanted to
import this one with PGP 6.5.8 for Windows so I exported it from GPG
using '--export-secret-keys -a -o sec.asc'. Trying to import this
ascii key pair with PGP will fail with an "invalid key ring" message.

Choosing the algo (5) - RSA (sign only) instead resulted in an
importable ascii key pair, but the passphrase was not accepted. The
only way to get it work with PGP was to change the pass phrase on
Linux to an empty one (using --edit-key).

Could these bugs be observed from anybody else or is there a solution?



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