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Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez Fabian.Rodriguez at
Tue Jul 3 04:32:03 CEST 2001


I am new in this list, interested in personal and commercial use of GNUPG as
an alternative to PGP. I am not an expert, but somehow I managed to also
obtain a Thawte personal cert, and in the process became a "notary" in their
"Web of Trust" (see

I've looked in the site and in the FAQ, where it is mentioned that
"On <> you'll find a searchable online archive of the
GnuPG mailing lists." but I can't find any search options to help me.

So I digged the previous months of messages without much luck... Here's my
When using a PGP binary to send encrypted email. We would like to use it
commercially, and what NAI proposes is its "PGP E-Business Server"
(, at U$10K/CPU (for
1, discounts apply for more).

I'd rather advocate an open solution like GNUPG, but is this possible
commercially ? Can we re-compile it to indicate a commercial use from a server
or would this violate the GNU license ? We will not be redistributing GNUPG,
but instead giving access to it to users on that server.

Thanks for any information on this. I am interested in both developer/user
points of view.

Fabian Rodriguez - Associate Dir., Outsourcing and Business development
Toxik Technologies Inc. - - (514)528-6945 x1

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