[PATCH] added support to gpg for gpgme passed file handles

Bart Trojanowski bart at jukie.net
Tue Jul 3 22:16:01 CEST 2001

On 3 Jul 2001, Werner Koch wrote:
> There is something wrong with GPGME's checking of gpg's version.

I am not sure about that...

> I guess you are using the HEAD branch of the CVS?  I have not worked
> on it for month and the special filenames might not be available yet.
> The cvs HEAD is a very unstable development version.;

Yes, using the 1.0.6a (from CVS) fixes the problem I had, thanks.

One other, small, issue is still there.  When the CVS tree is checked out for
the first time I get a bunch of missing file errors from autogen.sh because it
calls 'automake' not 'automake -a' which would automatically add the missing
files.  This actually happens on both gnupg and gpgme trees.


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