[gnupg-1.0.6] local signatures may be exportable

Thomas Roessler roessler at does-not-exist.org
Fri Jul 27 13:03:01 CEST 2001

On 2001-07-27 11:34:40 +0200, Werner Koch wrote:

>>When you sign a (public key, user ID) couple using a V3 RSA key, 
>>gnupg will create a V3 signature.  This includes the case of 
>>local signatures. Bad enough, there is no such concept as a 
>>local V3

>Oops. Fixed in CVS.

Not really, as I told you already. ;-)

Just for the record, and for your TODO list: Your patch just
prevents users from doing local signatures with RSA keys.

The patch I posted (it's also linked to from my blog) correctly 
generates V4 local signatures with a V3 key.  It would be nice if 
you could apply it rather soon.

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