Photo ID patch, version 2.

David Shaw dshaw at
Tue Jul 31 22:11:01 CEST 2001

Thanks for all the feedback from everyone.  Here is a revised photo ID
patch.  Temporary file handling is improved, and the default viewer is
now "xloadimage", which is more free than xv.

Again, the instructions are:

In the --edit-key menu, there is also a new "photo" command, which
will display any selected photo ID.

--photo-viewer: Set the command line to use to display photos.  There
		are a few %-expandos that can be used:

    %n is expanded to a temporary file that contains the photo.
    %N is the same as %n, but the file isn't deleted afterwards.
    %k is expanded to the key ID of the key.
    %K is expanded to the long OpenPGP key ID of the key.
    %f is expanded to the fingerprint of the key.
    %% is %, of course.

    If %n or %N is not present, then the photo is supplied to the
    viewer on stdin.

--show-photos: Turn on displaying photos in key listings
	       (i.e. --list-keys and --list-sigs).


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