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Karin Kosina kyrah at
Wed Jun 6 09:45:01 CEST 2001

> > [...]
> > and I think it's bad if I have to use a "PGP" key server to distribute
> > GPG keys. Any suggestions? (Please cc: me, as I'm not on the list.)
> Why? GPG keys, PGP keys -- they're all the same.

They are not. Technically, they may conform to the same specifications;
but I am using GPG instead of PGP because I want to use Free Software,
which PGP is not. I would appreciate to also use a free server. V. Alex 
Brennan is working on one, and I'm very glad about that. It is one of
the goals of Free Software to make it possible to do all the tasks you
want to do without ever having to use any non-free programs.

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