gpgme_op_verify returns GPGME_SIG_STAT_NONE

Bart Trojanowski bart at
Sat Jun 30 05:35:01 CEST 2001

In the function comments it states...

	GPGME_SIG_STAT_NONE:  No status - should not happen

... so I was curious if there is a quick fix for this.

A bit more info just in case it helps:  I am calling gpgme_op_verify with
a signature from gpgme_data_new_from_mem and data from
gpgme_data_new_with_read_cb.  The callback is only called once.  The first
time I return the first 52 bytes, the second time the next 32 bytes; 0 is
returned both times from this function.  It is never called again. I have
set gpgme_set_textmode(ctx,0) and gpgme_set_armor(ctx,0)... these are the
same values from the program that generated the signature.

So far I know that inside the _op_verify function right after the comment
/* fixme: Put all notation data into one XML fragment */ the variable
c->result.verify->notation is set to zero... so it's not surprising that
GPGME_SIG_STAT_NONE is returned.

Right off the bat it looks like I have to investigate _op_verify_start. I
guess I have to pull up my sleeves and step through the code in gpgme.



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