BUG: GnuPG Key import fails to parse TLD email address

Sean Hastings sean at hastings.ai
Fri Mar 2 03:11:00 CET 2001


I am sending to this list as it looked like the best place to report a bug
in GnuPG. This problem would only effect a very small number of users, of
which I am one, but I thought it best to let someone know anyway. Here it

My DH/DSS key was generated under PGP 5+ - when I send it to someone using
GnuPG, they can not import it to their key ring. The reason for this appears
to be that one of my email addresses is "sean at ai". This does not break PGP
but does appear to break GnuPG which apparently objects to the lack of a "."
in my email address, even though it is a legitimate address that just
happens to be at a Top Level Domain.

My evidence that this is the problem is that on two occasions, a friend
using GnuPG has not been able to use my key until I removed the "sean at ai"
address from it.

--Sean Hastings
--mailto:sean at havenco.com

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