GnuPG patch: long fingerprints using PGP biometric word lists

Matthias Urlichs smurf at
Mon Mar 5 09:15:01 CET 2001


Florian Weimer:
> Some of the words appear to be cumbersome to pronounce for non-native
> speakers. 

Probably. But that's not important, as the idea is that both partners
have the word list in front of them and are just verifying that the
words are the same. Whether I pronounce "chambermaid" correctly or
not doesn't matter.

> I'm not sure if this whole idea is a good one.
Well, it's better (faster, less error-prone) than reading a long hex
digit string.

> The word list is probably copyrighted by NAI.

If that word list is in any source code from them, it's easy to check;
otherwise we could conceivably ask them...

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