symmetric encryption broken -FALSE ALARM

Nathan Johnson johnsonn at
Fri Mar 9 22:20:12 CET 2001

>Huh...  Wait a minute.  You're encrypting it once and then encrypting it a
second time.  What are you trying to accomplish here?

What's happenning is that I didn't know how to use gpg.    ;-)
Honestly, I did search the documentation (man-page, web-page, FAQ, how-to)
before mailing regarding what I thought was a bug, though.
Fixing my command line, it works with -a (ascii-armor).
Without, I need to specify textmode to decrypt.  I suppose this is expected

# gpg -c file-a
# mv file-a.gpg file-b.gpg
# gpg -t file-b.gpg

It seems to work fine.  I'll have to test it with a large ~500MB file now.

>Mandrake is rpm based.  Did you install it from RPM or build it yourself?

I believe I built it myself; that the RPM with Mandrake was older than 1.0.4 .

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