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I hope that this message will be appropriate for the list.  If it's
not, just let me know and I won't post anything like this again.

I've started a project on Sourceforge to create a Mac OS X front end,
inter application services, and an easy install method for GnuPG.
After a bit of work, I managed to get GPG running on my machine, but
it was too hard for someone whose casually interested in security
(much less doesn't know why ve should care, as the majority of
compuer users do).  I don't mean that it required a lot of security
knowledge, but it did require some Unix knowledge that the average
Mac user just doesn't have and probably wouldn't pick up just to get
GPG installed.  Anyway, once GPG is easy to install, then the project
will move on to inter application services, so that from any program
on Mac OS X text can be encrypted.  This is my main interest in the
project, but I figured I'd scratch some other people's itches while
I'm at it.  Finally, the project will work on a front end for Mac OS
X so that J. Random User won't have to get down and dirty with the
command line.

Now, you may ask yourself, why am I posting all of this here.  Well,
Mac GPG is free software (or, less accurately but more familar, open
source).  Thus, I'm looking to the list for developers.  The Web site
for the project is <http://macgpg.sourceforge.net/> and the project
page is <http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/macgpg/>.  If anyone out
there would like to help, check out those links, sign up with
Sourceforge if you haven't already, and send me a message letting me
know what you'd like to work on and be sure to include your
Sourceforge user name so I can add you to the project.  There are
some jobs posted on the project page, and if you meet those
descriptions I'd *really* like to have you on the project.

Okay, that's pretty much it.  With a little luck and hard work, in a
few weeks we should have something to make Mac OS X much nicer to
live in.  Maybe we'll even time it right and come out just after the
official release of OS X.  That would be great.

Gordon Worley
mailto:redbird at rbisland.cx
Public Key:  C462 FA84 B811 3501 9010  20D2 6EF3 77F7 BBD3 B003

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