windows porting

Oleg Smolsky small at
Fri Mar 16 06:50:01 CET 2001

Hello there,

I've just finished massaging gnupg v1.0.4 so it compiles on win32 with
MS VC++ 6. So, the questions that I have are:
-- are you guys interested in this? I mean do you want to put my
   changes in to the main CVS tree?
-- if so, do you want me to make the patches?

Assuming there is enough interest and you are still reading, I have
the following specific questions about the source:
-- most of my changes are quite small and can are wrapped in #defines,
   however a few deserve a new module (e.g. secmem-win32.c) so what's
   the officially preferred way?
-- I have had to change config.h and acconfig.h a lot, and they are
   generated by the configure script - so what's the preferred
   solution here? A generation batch file? config-win32.h?
-- and finally, what's about the VC project files? I've created one
   workspace file (.dsw - for the program) and five project files
   (.dsp for the modules).

Best regards,


P.S. I do have and use cygwin, but the idea of the exercise is to get
     it to compile on a clean install of windows and MS VC++.

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