integrating GPG with deniable steganography

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> On Sun, Mar 18, 2001 at 02:55:37AM +0100, Stefan Fendt wrote:
> > I recently had a discussion on ciphering with a friend of mine. He
> > stated it would be a good idea to forbid ciphering 
> > for the "normal" user in germany as it would allow to make the
> > following conclusion: "If you use ciphering methods you have done
> > something illegal and even if we can't break your cipher, we can
> > imprison you." 
	[Marlow, Andrew (London)]  I grow tired of hearing the argument "if
you want to
	use steg then you must be a criminal". These people also say "if you
want to use PGP
	then you must be a criminal". In the fullness of time these same
people will also say
	"If you want to use PPS then you must be a criminal". These are the
same people that
	say "only criminals have got something to hide".

> EXACTLY why everyone should be working to get ALL email and Web
> traffic everywhere encrypted. 
	[Marlow, Andrew (London)]  True, but until M$ email does it,
encrypted email
	will not be widespread. M$ has alot to learn about email and it is
taking a long time.

> If everyone encrypts their mail, then
> only criminals will send plain-text versions of Shakespeare ;-)
	[Marlow, Andrew (London)]  Please lets stop talking about
	I didn't say that, someone else did.

	The great unwashed will never routinely encrypt their email. IMO the
best you can hope
	for is that knowledgeable people will provided that it is not too
hard to do. 
	PPS will make it easier. This is to be welcomed. :-)

> Seriously, check out The spec is coming
> together nicely, and version 2 should be out within the week (but is
> available as a work-in-progress version now).
	[Marlow, Andrew (London)]  I have checked it out and it does look
	However, I still maintain that encryption+steg is a useful
combination when one
	is faced with RIP.

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