integrating GPG with deniable steganography

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Wed Mar 21 03:13:15 CET 2001

--- Bernd Jendrissek <berndj at> wrote:

> If I were  strapped to a chair with a nice bright light  shining right into
> my eyes, and a friendly  voice said, "Please  decrypt this  message for us"
> I would still say, "Sorry, there's  nothing there.  It's random data."

I am not in UK, so I may be unaware of some subtleties, but generally
you have to provide a valid key or go to jail for 2 years. It does not
depend on whether you have a key or not, and whether the alleged ciphertext
is indeed one.

If someone sends you a message encrypted to a key that you really do not
have... then you probably are out of luck, to put it mildly. There is no
way to prove that you don't have the key! What a way to frame people!
Does the RIP bill has any safeguards against that?

This revolves around idea that anything that authorities believe is a
ciphertext is indeed one. This has nothing to do with computers and
everything to do with determination of who is a witch and who isn't.
If you sink and die you weren't a witch. Otherwise you are a witch,
then you shall be burned at stake. Just that simple.


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