integrating GPG with deniable steganography

Matthias Urlichs smurf at
Wed Mar 21 13:39:02 CET 2001


Marlow, Andrew (London):
> 	[Marlow, Andrew (London)]   This sounds like good stuff but the
> repeated exchange of large audio or graphic files is a sure tip-off that
> steg is being used.

No -- it's a tip-off that two people are exchanging audio files or
private pictures. Lots of people are doing that. "Here's some pics from
our last vacation." "Here's the latest piano piece my daughter is
learning. Sorry about the noise from the street, hope you can still
enjoy it." The latter is especially useful because you can legitimately
delete your copy of the recording afterwards (you hear her play every
day, right?) and because you can assume that the enemy, if they listened
at all, didn't get the same noise.

NB: Could you please turn off your attribution (the [you] stuff)?
No other email program does this; it's visually disconcerting.

You do need to establish a legitimate reason to exchange the surface
files, of course, but that's independent of the actual stego method

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