integrating GPG with deniable steganography

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I've personally been very disappointed in recent years by
the migration of linux software away from the old unix
cultural norm of a number of small, simple, well debugged,
stable programs hooked together with pipes toward the
massive, feature rich, monolithic, microsoft type
applications of today - which many would call blotware.
GnuPG is one of the few remaining linux applications that
doesn't require specific minor release versions of
libraries providing XML widgets and CORBA powered GUIs
in order to link.

Stenography and cryptography are two very different
things.  I think they should be implemented in separate
programs.  Primary, I believe this because of the need
to keep the code base for applications like GnuPG as
small and clean as possible so that such codebases are
easily auditable.  Further, I believe that most people
who use cryptography do not have a desire or need to use
stenography.  Should they, it would be easy for them to
download one of the many steganography programs available
from web pages such as this one:

While the provision of steganographic abilites might
encourage more people in Europe to use cryptography
in their communications, it's important not to let
evangelism drive software design - that is the same
mistake as allowing marketing to drive software

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