PGP Bug Solution?

Arno Wagner wagner at
Mon Mar 26 14:09:01 CEST 2001

Nicholas Cole wrote:
> I may be completely wrong, but if I understand the paper correctly,
> the modified key will not produce a valid signature.

With the correct public key this should be true for the DSA
signatures. I am not sure for RSA signatures.

> If that is the case, could not GPG attempt to validate a signature
> when created, and ring alarm bells if the signature does not verify?

The problem here is that somebody that can write the private key can 
most likely also write the public key. As far as I understand it, 
the public key might require more than the change of the modulus 
(does it? not sure), but it should be computationally feasible 
to create a public key that will check out. 

So signatures will only fail at sites that have the correct public key. 
I am not sure such a check would add to the security. 


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