GPG agent for W32

Dirk Meyer dirk.meyer at
Tue May 15 09:32:01 CEST 2001

Florian Weimer wrote:

> I think this is the strong vs. weak ES model issue mentioned already
> in RFC 1122.  Yes, this is a problem.
> > If an attacker can sent a router to you, he can send packges with
> > destination "" to you and connect to your services.
> There's no need for a router.  The attacker needs access to a sub-IP
> transport layer (for example, Ethernet), in order to be able to inject
> arbitrary IP packets.

I wanted to type "route" not "router"
Just set a static route with destination "" on any host in
the same subnet, and you are able to inject such packages. ist not secure by default!,
yes the dsicussion of weak/strong Model have beenn taken,
and you can fix this with Package-filtering rules as well.

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