rsa keys in 1.0.6b 1023 or 1024?

Simon Josefsson simon+gnupg-devel at
Wed Nov 7 14:14:01 CET 2001

I created a 1024 RSA key with 1.0.6b but when I use --list-keys it says 
1023, what gives?

pub  1023R/... 2001-11-07 Simon Josefsson ...
sub  1023R/... 2001-11-07 [expires: 2002-05-06]

Btw, I think it would be nice if the user can chose the RSA key size 
herself, a minimum of 1024 is unnecessary rigid and maximum of 4096 
unnecessary low.  For fun, I'd even want to be able to create a 200 bit 
key without too much hassle. GnuPG could warn about a bad choice, but 
shouldn't forbid it.  IMHO, of course.

Also, why isn't there a choice of e.g. (6) RSA (sign and encrypt) when 
generating the keys?  Most people probably wants a encryption key as well.


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