No warning on 'gpg -a -o somewhere.gpg -s -r someone <file>'

Frank Tobin ftobin at
Wed Nov 7 17:13:01 CET 2001

Pascal Scheffers, at 16:56 +0100 on 2001-11-07, wrote:

   Nice, but I don't think I want to solve it there - I either want it
   as something signed by my key on my own keyring (non-exportable)

Well, for that you probably just want to use the --lsign-key.

   or a think my MUA does: in its address book specify the key-id to
   use with GPG.

Well, salias does work like an addressbook; it has its own little config
file (read: addressbook) which specifies the mapping to use from nicks to
id's (just like an email addressbook maps names/nicks to addresses).  For
example I use "gpg -r mykey --encrypt file", and salias expands the
'mykey' appropriately to 4F863BBBA8166F0A340F600356FFD10A260C4FA3 (the

Frank Tobin

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