Unknown header tag: FD. Meaning... what?

Harald Barrera Dubois harald at dilmun.ls.fi.upm.es
Thu Nov 29 20:31:02 CET 2001


First of all, I'm sorry if you don't understand my (personal) english, I'm going to get some lessons (I promise).

Ok, I'm doing an application that uses PGP format for keyrings, ciphered messages, etc. 
I have made a test to see if it is compatible with GNUPG but it is not ;-(
My problem is that I can't regonize an unknown packet format (0xFD or 11.111101) 
Do you know what's the format of that packet?
Where can I find info about it?
Noooo, pleeease, don't tell me to see the source code (ja,ja,ja,ja,ja, laughs in spanish ;-)

I'm sorry if this question is not for this list, but I thougth it was the better one. If it is not, please tell me whats the correct list. 

Thanks all

Harald Barrera
CRIPTOLAB (Security Research Group)
Politechnical University of Madrid

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