Adding recipients to an encrypted message?

mbp2 at Lehigh.EDU mbp2 at Lehigh.EDU
Tue Oct 2 04:36:01 CEST 2001

I was thinking of something that would produce an ordinary OpenPGP message that
can be decrypted normally to the new recipient...  maybe the recipient isn't
convinced of the usefulness of cryptography in the first place, or is using
commercial PGP so they can't use --override-session-key, or both.

In both the GPG documentation and your example, the --show-session key option is
described as being meant for key-escrow purposes.  I'm talking about the more
casual act of forwarding a message to someone.  It shouldn't be too hard to add
an option...  something like "gpg --add-recipient ciphertext.gpg
newrecipient at" which would extract the session key and add a new
recipient packet to the message.

(I'm submitting to the list without being subscribed so hopefully the threading
will work correctly...)

Mike Paul
mbp2 at

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