Re; Sig classification (was Re: discussion on increasing amount of gpg signatures...)

David Shaw dshaw at
Wed Oct 17 00:15:01 CEST 2001

On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 11:06:30AM -0400, Michael Young wrote:
> > Before you sign, GnuPG will prompt you for which level of
> > certification you want to use.  Answer "?" for an explanation of the
> > different levels.
> Excellent!  A couple of months ago, I built a command-line switch
> to do this, but didn't get around to posting it.  (When I looked
> back through the mailing list archives, it appeared that signature
> types were an unpopular idea at some past OpenPGP meetings.)
> How would you feel about adding a command-line option?  As it
> stands, batch operations get a "generic" signature.  I used
> "--sig-type" in my patch.  I could recreate it against yours
> if you're interested.

Good idea.  I've added it to v3 of the patch.  The command is
--default-sig-class, and it takes a number from 0-3.  If you set a
default sig class in your options file, you can use
--no-default-sig-class to override it back to 0.  The menu that pops
up when key signing will reflect the new default.

Also added:
  * 'If you don't know what the right answer is, answer "0"' message
  * minor fix to notations - they should be printed as UTF8.


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