with-colons bug

Juan Pablo Giménez jpg at rcom.com.ar
Fri Oct 19 21:20:01 CEST 2001

	I already send this mail with other subject, but nobody answer because it was too simple...

	I have a problem with the option "--with-colons" and --list-keys or
--fingerprint, if i don't use it, gpg print my last name "Giménez" with
the "é", but if I put with-colons insted of "é" gpg prints "é"... So
here is the patch to fix it...

--- gnupg-1.0.6/g10/keylist.c	Sun May 27 11:31:07 2001
+++ gnupg-1.0.6_rcom/g10/keylist.c	Fri Oct 12 11:42:15 2001
@@ -482,8 +482,8 @@
 		    printf("uid:%c::::::::", trustletter);
-            print_string( stdout,  node->pkt->pkt.user_id->name,
-                          node->pkt->pkt.user_id->len, ':' );
+            print_utf8_string( stdout,  node->pkt->pkt.user_id->name,
+                          node->pkt->pkt.user_id->len);
 	    if (any)


                                      Juan Pablo....

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