with-colons bug

Juan Pablo Giménez jpg at rcom.com.ar
Sat Oct 20 01:33:01 CEST 2001

En vie, 2001-10-19 a 18:03, Florian Weimer escribió:
    Juan Pablo Giménez <jpg at rcom.com.ar> writes:
    > 	I have a problem with the option "--with-colons" and --list-keys or
    > --fingerprint, if i don't use it, gpg print my last name "Giménez" with
    > the "é", but if I put with-colons insted of "é" gpg prints "é"... So
    > here is the patch to fix it...
    I think this behavior is mostly correct. In "--with-colons" mode,
    GnuPG is expected to dump the user ID as is, without further

Ok, but thats break some programs, for example Gabber (Gnome Jabber
client), who print the strings as is so it print it wrong... So, what do
you think, the problem is gnupg or for example Gabber?!?!
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