recoupling detached sig

Rick van Rein rick at
Wed Sep 5 14:21:02 CEST 2001


I've been trying to attach a decoupled signature under a file and make the
whole thing look as a cleartext signature. The signed data was textual.

This does not work, the signature is said to be wrong. Can anyone tell me
if I am doing something vitally wrong? If I understand rfc2440 [OpenPGP]
well, there is nothing special about detached signatures, it's just a
signature packet that's separately put in a file.

WHY you may ask. Okay, I am thinking of providing textual claims online,
which contain a few variables filled in, and end in a cleartext-signature.
The storage of a whole text (possibly even containing contract terms) would
take too much database space, so I'd like to separate out the variables and
the signature, for future recovery. I was wondering if detached signatures
were the way to go for this.

Thanx for any help,

Rick van Rein.

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