New GnuPG snapshot

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Sep 7 15:10:02 CEST 2001


after more than 3 months without any new tarballs, here is one: (1.9M) (584k)

Due to the large amount of changes, a lot of bugs will pop up and when
this versions says "THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT VERSION" - then it is no
joke.  Please don't use this version with your regular keys.  A lot of
code was changed and the keyrings might get messed up.  Well, at least
the selftest works under GNU/Linux running on i386 and Alpha.

Please send bug reports to this mailing list only.

Here is a list of changes:

    * New tool gpgsplit to split OpenPGP data formats into packets.

    * New option --preserve-permissions.

    * Subkeys created in the future are not used for encryption or
      signing unless the new option --ignore-valid-from is used.

    * Revoked user-IDs are not listed unless signatures are listed too
      or we are in verbose mode.

    * There is no default comment string with ascii armors anymore
      except for revocation certificates and --enarmor mode.

    * The command "primary" in the edit menu can be used to change the
      primary UID, "setpref" and "updpref" can be used to change the

    * Fixed the preference handling; since 1.0.5 they were erroneously
      matched against against the latest user ID and not the given one.

    * RSA key generation.

    * Merged Stefan's patches for RISC OS in.  See comments in

    * It is now possible to sign and conventional encrypt a message (-cs).

    * The MDC feature flag is supported and can be set by using
      the "updpref" edit command.

    * The status messages GOODSIG and BADSIG are now returning the primary
      UID, encoded using %XX escaping (but with spaces left as spaces,
      so that it should not break too much)

    * Support for GDBM based keyrings has been removed.

    * The entire keyring management has been revamped.

Happy hacking, 


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