EMailserver with encryption?

Stefan Erras Stefan.Erras at
Mon Sep 17 23:33:02 CEST 2001


I just want to know: what do you think about a virtual email server
(running on the local machine of the user) which encrypts all emails
automatically? This would make things a lot easier and more portable,
because every email-software around could use such a server without a
special plug-in. On the other hand, I would prefer such a solution
because I think emails are quite save on my locale computer-system so
they could be saved decrypted by my email client (this would also allow
me to read my email without entering my password everytime). The
software should work the following way: Email client -> local email
server (encryption)-> internet email server -> internet email server ->
local email server (decryption) -> email client.

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