GWP 0.1.6 released

Benoit Laniel nels at
Mon Sep 24 18:20:01 CEST 2001


Sorry not to have updated the package for a while but I've been very busy.
I couldn't put ChangeLog so here it is:

* Changed the letters of version to numbers (0.1f -> 0.1.6)
* Removed GPA
* Updated WinPT to version 0.4.0
* Added WinPT FAQ
* Added detection of WinPT at startup and uninstall

I removed GPA because WinPT now does almost the same things as GPA. Also in
this version 0.4.0, support of 'current window' functions has been really
improved. I added a survey, don't hesitate to answer...

Benoit Laniel <nels at>
Public Key : 0x2E154E8C
Fingerprint : 873C 7F46 C5B8 83FF 9FE0 02CE 9071 E7C2 2E15 4E8C

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