Patch to GnuPG 1.1.2

Mark Pettit pettit at
Fri Apr 12 06:17:02 CEST 2002


When running configure on a Solaris 2.7 system, which does not have
GNU head installed, I get the following error:

checking for jade... no
checking for jadetex... no
checking for TeX stylesheet... none
configure: error: needed ../scripts/ not found

This is because the "" script runs "head -c1", and Solaris
head doesn't support the "-c" option.  The following patch fixes this:

< while test "`echo $1 | head -c1`" = "-"; do
> while test `expr "$1" : "-.*"` -gt 0; do

I tested this patch on another system with GNU expr installed; it
works in both places.

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