gpgme problems w/gaim plugin

Philip D. Lowman lowman at
Sat Apr 13 12:08:02 CEST 2002

I've been working on a GPG plugin for gaim and am using gpgme.  I am
running into some problems however with an error of "No Recipients".  I
have the following code in a standalone program that works just fine. 
When I try to work with essentially identical code in Gaim I get the
Invalid Recipients error.  I have removed everything from my Gaim code
except for essentially what I have in the standalone code (a basic
encryption set of commands) just to make it more readable.

I have traced into the library and I know that it's at least setting up
the arguments to gpg properly as far as I can tell.  I have attached both
files in a tarball.  I am trying to figure out what exactly is causing
libgpgme to die.  As you can see my calls are virtually identical.

I suspect this may be a file descriptor or piping problem but I am not

the error I get is below:
gpg.c:239: GpgmeError No Recipients

Program exited with code 01.

(the gaim plugin can be built in gaim/plugins of the gaim source code
with 'make' after adding -lgpgme to the makefile)

Philip Lowman <lowman at>
"Those who would give up essential liberties for temporary security, 
deserve neither liberty nor security."
-- Benjamin Franklin
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