bug#1154: BUG: gpg CVS tress fail to build as documented

Anonymous anonymous at anonymizer.com
Thu Apr 18 21:25:01 CEST 2002

Hugh Daniel wrote:
> Please consider a more 'engineering' style of development where user
> bug reports are more seriously valued and investigated. Your current
> development style is damaging your reputation for being able to do
> quality software as I am getting privately ridiculed by other
> security folks for even still BOTHERING to try to work with you and
> GPG, which is not good.

It's become clear that Werner is going to whatever it is he is going
to do.  In a way that's great, because a tremendous amount of work
went into gpg.  It's not so great when it obstructs forward progress.

It seems pretty clear that if we want,
1. Large Key Lengths as an option
2. gpg routines available as a library
3. Helpful error messages which let users figure out what's wrong
4. Ease of adding past PGP interoperability features, etc.

then this will only happen if the code is forked.

Werner and his friends should still get tons of credit and attention,
though, for getting us so far along.  Thanks guys!

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