Key server Q

Simon Josefsson jas at
Mon Aug 5 14:35:21 CEST 2002

Would it be possible for the keyserver code in GnuPG to not only send
the KeyID to the keyserver plugins, but also the user ID?

A solution could be to allow plugins to send back


to GnuPG, which would make GnuPG then use key lines such as:

12341234 foo at

The reason is that I'd want the DNS keyserver client to lookup
(, IN, CERT) in a case like this.

An ugly idea for doing this would be to have the OpenPGP message
reader look for From: lines before the actual OpenPGP header, and
snarf the address.  Of course, there is no guarantees that there is a
From: header or that it corresponds to the actual OpenPGP originator,
but it would be Good Enough for many common cases, I think.  Perhaps
there is a better way?

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