vasprintf core dump problem on Solaris 2.8

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Thu Aug 8 10:24:01 CEST 2002


On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 11:40:52AM -0400, Andrzej Cuper wrote:
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> Hello,
> I'm running into core dump problems with test programs
> t-encrypt, t-decrypt etc, when runing 'make check'
> (on Solaris 2.8). The problem seems to be with
> vasprintf (vasprintf.c in gpgme directory) implementation
> and more specifically with the following fragment of code.
> Also enclosed call stack from gdb. Please help!

The vasprintf implementation seems to be difficult to make portable.
Which version have you tried?  Please try the version from CVS after the
following change in gpgme/:

2002-07-25  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus at>

        * (libgpgme_la_LDADD): Add @LIBOBJS@ for vasprintf and
        * vasprintf.c: Update to more recent libiberty version.
        * debug.h: Replace #elsif with #elif.
> Also, can somebody explain the use of
>  Do I need to set up some environemnt
> variable to be able to see this. Which file does it go to?

If you set the environment variable GPGME_DEBUG=1 (or 2 or 3),
it will print out debug info on stderr.  To make it go into a
file, you use GPGME_DEBUG=1:/tmp/gpgme.debug, or similar.
However, only some cryptic information about the internal communication with
gpg is printed.


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