gpgme license

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Aug 16 10:49:02 CEST 2002

On Fri, 16 Aug 2002 00:18:58 -0400, marius aamodt eriksen said:

> i assume by hoarders, you mean people who use your software, what's
> bad about people using your software?

Please read the GNU manifesto to learn what we call hoarders:

> again, as i stated before, this seems to be untrue; if it WAS true,
> then why was ximian forced to use another solution when they needed
> PGP integration in evolution?  they were not interesting in modifying

Becuase they wanted to support the proprietary PGP 7 and today it
seems that they require the PGP support even for _their_ proprietary
Exchange Connector.

> gpgme, only in using it for a solution which could have commercial
> extensions.  to me, this seems to be the exact same situation; no

You probably mean proprietary and not commercial?  There is nothing
wrong to use or write commercial Free Software; the GPL explicitly
allows this.

> supports a number of pgp implementations as its backend (currently
> PGP5, GnuPG in the works, PGP2 next).  honestly i believe the

I hope you don't support PGP 5.x - it has far too many bugs and nobody
should even consider to use a PGP version >= 5 && < 6.5.8.

> of code.  gpgme seems to have overdone a few things, and libpgpwrap

GPGME is not just a wrapper around GnuPG but a general interface to
certain crypto services (mainly email).



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