Weird behaviour with gpg

Miguel Coca e970095 at
Thu Aug 22 20:23:01 CEST 2002


I'm experimenting really weird problems with gpg 1.1.91 and it's status
lines. I suspect there is a bug when initializing a new ~/.gnupg.

In the same machine, I have two users, one of them has my regular keyrings
and the other one was created specifically for testing with gpgme and gpg,
which uses a ~/.gnupg directory created by gpg 1.1.91.

For my regular user, when editing an expired key, the first status line I
get is KEYEXPIRED, and when I read that with gpgme I can emit an error.

For the second user, no such status line is ever emitted. I can even attempt
to sign the key, and, while I get a text message saying the key is expired,
the status line only tells me the next prompt has arrived.

It's not my options file, as I tried to copy that from one user to the

I would appreciate any suggestions/fixes, as this will probably affect many
new users. If you need more details, do tell me.

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