[Announce] GPGME 0.4.0 released

Marcus Brinkmann Marcus.Brinkmann at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Dec 23 22:33:02 CET 2002

We are pleased to announce version 0.4.0 of GnuPG Made Easy,
a library designed to make access to GnuPG easier for applications.
It may be found in the file (about 666 KB compressed)

It should soon appear on the mirrors listed at

Bug reports and requests for assistance should be sent to
gnupg-devel at gnu.org.

The md5sum checksums for this distibution are
41e144b403293484bcb3e1409fbe6a35  gpgme-0.4.0.tar.gz
2b659bed3214a45812baa104f954cf5d  gpgme-0.4.0.tar.gz.sig

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unstable development version for testing.  The
latest stable release is 0.3.14 and available from

Noteworthy changes in version 0.4.0 (2002-12-23)

 * Key generation returns the fingerprint of the generated key.

 * New convenience function gpgme_get_key.

 * Supports signatures of user IDs in keys via the new
   GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_SIGS keylist mode and the
   gpgme_key_sig_get_string_attr and gpgme_key_sig_get_ulong_attr
   interfaces.  The XML info about a key also includes the signatures
   if available.

 * New data object interface, which is more flexible and transparent.

 * Interface changes relative to the 0.3.9 release:
GpgmeDataReadCb			NEW
GpgmeDataWriteCb		NEW
GpgmeDataSeekCb			NEW
GpgmeDataReleaseCb		NEW
GpgmeDataCbs			NEW
gpgme_data_read			CHANGED: Match read() closely.
gpgme_data_write		CHANGED: Match write() closely.
gpgme_data_seek			NEW
gpgme_data_new_from_fd		NEW
gpgme_data_new_from_stream	NEW
gpgme_data_new_from_cbs		NEW
gpgme_data_rewind		DEPRECATED: Replaced by gpgme_data_seek().
gpgme_data_new_from_read_cb	DEPRECATED: Replaced by gpgme_data_from_cbs().
gpgme_data_get_type		REMOVED: No replacement.
gpgme_op_verify			CHANGED: Take different data objects for
				signed text and plain text.
gpgme_op_verify_start		CHANGED: See gpgme_op_verify.
gpgme_check_engine		REMOVED: Deprecated since 0.3.0.
gpgme_op_genkey			CHANGED: New parameter FPR.
gpgme_key_sig_get_string_attr	NEW
gpgme_key_sig_get_ulong_attr	NEW
gpgme_get_key			NEW

Marcus Brinkmann
mb at g10code.de

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