Problem with gpg-agent anf pinentry-qt

Tobias Hunger tobias at
Wed Dec 25 22:38:01 CET 2002

Hi there!

I do hope this is the right list to ask this question at...

I found out about the cryptplug-deb today and decided to try to get those 
setup with my kmail 3.1rc5. I followed the instructions on and rebuild the stuff missing 
on my system (newpg, pinentry-qt and libkbsa) and installed them. The rest of 
the libs/programms mentioned on this page are provided by debian/unstable in 
a version new enough.

I followed the Howto faithfully till "Configure KMail to use CryptPlugs". The 
recommended tests with gpg fail for me and this is where I am stuck now.

Here's the output of gpg --decrypt -r ID file:
You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "ID"
1024-bit ELG-E key, ID 64342314, created 1999-11-05 (main key ID 32123423)

gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> OK Your orders please
gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- OPTION display=:0
gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> OK
gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- OPTION ttyname=/dev/pts/10
gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> OK
gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- OPTION ttytype=xterm
gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> OK
gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- OPTION lc-ctype=de_DE at euro
gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> OK
gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- OPTION lc-messages=C
gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> OK
gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- GET_PASSPHRASE something X X 
gpg-agent[1701]: DBG: agent_get_cache `something'...
gpg-agent[1701]: DBG: ... miss
gpg-agent[1701]: can't connect server: ec=-1
gpg-agent[1701]: can't connect to the PIN entry module: ec=-1
gpg-agent[1701]: command get_passphrase failed: no pin entry
gpg-agent[0x806045c] -> ERR 101 server fault
gpg: problem with the agent - disabling agent use
Enter passphrase: gpg-agent[0x806045c] <- [EOF]

Any idea what is going wrong here? I'd appreciate any hint on where this 
problem is hidden at:-)


PS: The HOWTO states that the env-var is GNUPG_AGENT_INFO while it is 
GPG_AGENT_INFO. Had me confused for a secound;-)

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tobias at                      So I installed Linux.

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