Stephane Corthesy stephane at
Fri Feb 1 17:56:02 CET 2002


I've been playing a little bit again with gpgme, and discovered the  
following problem:

When enumerating keys: the "secret" attribute is retrieved only if  
we enumerate secret keys! If we enumerate all keys, the attribute  
"secret" is always set to 0.

I also discovered a strange thing with gpg (1.0.6):
My PGP key has 2 uids; if I display them with gpg --list-secret-keys  
or --list-keys, main uid is not the same (swapped).

About secret keys again: can a subkey be secret without the main key  
being secret?

Consequence for gpgme is that if I retrieve only secret keys, the  
main uid of my PGP Key is not the same as if I retrieve all keys.

I'm suspecting two other problems (I need to check again):
gpgme_op_decrypt(): doesn't return an error if no valid passphrase  
is given
gpgme_op_encrypt(): doesn't return an error if no recipient is  
trusted, but encrypts nothing

Thanks for having written all the doc! It's been very helpful, and I  
could finally document a little bit the ObjC wrapper :-)


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