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On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 11:38:06AM +0100, Janico Greifenberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried asking this before in the users mailing list but did ot receive an
> answer so I'm trying it here.

Mmmh.  I think I am not following that list but should.  I will subscribe.
However, GPGME is still in its development stage, so this is the appropriate
forum anyway.

> My questions are:
> - Is it possible to change the keyrings used by GPGME and how does it work?

No, currently the default keyrings of the crypto backend are used.  We will
need some way to list keys in a seperate file for some other project, but
this is probably not what you mean.  The question is of course what style
of interface we choose for such configuration options of the crypto backend.
I will think about it.

> - How can I extract more information about importing keys and verifying
>   signatures? I need to know whose key I'm importing and who signed the
>   text. Using GPG itself I can get this information with the --status-fd option
>   but how can I get it with GPGME?

After importing a key, you can get back some information about it with
gpgme_op_info, I am not sure if that includes everything you need, please
come back with more details if you tried it and need more.

For verify, there are two functions you can invoke after a successful
verification, gpgme_get_sig_status and gpgme_get_sig_key.

In the CVS repository of gpgme is a manual in doc/gpgme.texi that documents
these functions.  Also read the README how to build it, please.


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