gpgme key listing slowness question

Stephane Corthesy stephane at
Thu Feb 14 11:31:01 CET 2002


As I complainted sometime ago, gpgme key listing operations are very  
slow. Werner replied, the slowness is in fact due to gpg, but...

I saw that gpg is invoked with the following arguments:

gpg --batch --comment --status-fd 2 --no-tty --verbose --with-colons  
--fixed-list-mode --with-fingerprint --list-keys --

The argument which makes the operation so slow is the --verbose:  
wouldn't it be possible to get rid of this --verbose argument? Of  
course, we'd loose information about the web-of-trust, but if you  
simply want a list of all available keys, you don't care yet about  
the web-of-trust. You ask these informations once you've selected the  
keys you need.

BTW, in previous version of gpgme there was a fast listing mode,  
which enabled the --no-expensive-trust-checks option; the option is  
no longer used now, though it was mentionned that all key listing  
operations are in fast mode now. Is it correct?


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