Problems with v3 keys?

Janusz A. Urbanowicz alex at
Tue Feb 26 12:54:01 CET 2002

Len Sassaman wrote/napisał[a]/schrieb:
> When I try to encrypt to a certain key (I'd redacted its key ID and
> replaced it with 0x0000010 in the example below), I get the following
> error message:
> rabbi at thetis:/usr/home/rabbi$ gpg -vv -r 0x00000010 -e foo.txt
> gpg: loaded digest 2
> gpg: /usr/local/lib/gnupg/idea: IDEA ($Revision: 1.9 $)
> gpg: loaded digest 1
> gpg: 0x00000010: skipped: unusable public key
> gpg: foo.txt: encryption failed: unusable public key
> I really don't want to provide the particular key for privacy reasons, but
> I know that makes debugging hard. Any idea what would trigger this error?

I got this on various occassions, in most times this is because gpg lacks
IDEA support required by the key.

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