sell blank audio and video tapes

jjwfa at jjwfa at
Tue Jan 1 12:20:02 CET 2002

Dear sir
 we are the manufacturer of  audio and video tapes in china . our  products are good in quality and low in price 
we  have three grade of products . 
and the pancake used is . sony  skc  and  BASF 
covering the following
 c-0  c-30  c-45  c-46  c-60  c-90  c-120 

v-0  E-30  E-60  E-90  E-120  E-180  E-240

T-30  T-60  T-90  T-120  T-180
 if you are interested in our products please see our website
contact . 
 mr wangjin
 fax .0086731-4429472
 email : jjwfa at

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