New encrypt-files option - CVS code

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jan 9 17:18:01 CET 2002

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002 10:31:10 -0500, David Shaw said:

> I was just thinking that when --encrypt-files is given only one
> argument it almost identical to --encrypt... so why not just rename
> "--encrypt-files" as "--encrypt" and have one command?  It would need

The new plan is to make it behave like --verify-files:  Either encrypt
all files given on the commandline or take the filenames to encrypt
from stdin if there are no command line args.  I think Timo is working
on that.

Hmmm, then we should also have --decrypt-files and --sign-files

> It would be simpler to explain and document and we won't get questions
> to the mailing list asking what the differences between the two

We should remove --encrypt-files from the --help listing.  This avoids
most questions cause nobody reads man pages ;-)


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