Req for info: binary key format

V Alex Brennen vab at
Thu Jan 10 08:00:01 CET 2002

RFC2440 (
is the RFC which defines it.  You can look at the GnuPG
code ( or the code for CKS 

It took me about 3 months of part time work to implement
decent de-armoring and key parsing from scratch.  You're
likely in way over your head with the app your trying to
write, especially since it wouldn't really be useful
unless it was also an editor.

Good luck though.

	- VAB
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On 10 Jan 2002, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Howdy, y'all.  In the process of trying to scratch an itch I
> have--namely, no good GNOME visualizations for keyrings--I've run into a
> bit of a wall: I can't find a definition for GPG's keyring format.  
> The other GNOME visualizations all rely on calling GPG from the command
> line, trapping the output, and creating a visualization based off that. 
> For a lot of reasons, that doesn't appeal to me--I'd rather just read
> the keyring file directly.
> Can someone point me to a specification for the keyring file, or point
> me to the specific part in the 1.0.6 codebase where I can find it
> defined?
> Thanks.  :)

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