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Wed Jan 30 02:51:01 CET 2002


some of you might have noticed by now, and if you didn't, here is the
announcement:  There is now a rather complete manual of GPGME in the
gpgme/doc directory.  It is written in texinfo, and it is built and
installed along with gpgme (don't forget --enable-maintainer-mode when
working from CVS).  You could build it manually, but you have to provide a
small version.texi then or live with undefined symbols.

The whole external interface is documented, as far as it is implemented and
standardised.  What is lacking is a description of the various XML pieces in
GPGME (partly due to the fact that their format is decided adhoc ;), and
some more info about the crypto engines (how far are they supported, and
what is the format of engine-specific information.  well, at least it should
point to the official docs where relevant).  Also, there is nothing about the
implementation details, this is a pure user reference manual.

I hope you like it.  If you have any comments, corrections and things like
that, let me know.


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