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On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 01:04:25PM +0530, Thanga Prakash S wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> 	I like to learn about the gpgme api interface...
> if there is any sample programs then update me regd the same

Thank you for your interest.  First, please let me point you to
documentation in the doc/ directory of the gpgme source code.  The texinfo
documentation can be build into info, dvi, PS and HTML format, and coverts
the programmable interface of GPGME to some level of detail.

Some parts of the interface are not so much related to GPGME as they are
specific to the crypto engine used (either GnuPG or the GpgSM, which is in
development and will be released soon).  So having the GnuPG documentation
ready is useful, too.

Example code is found in several projects.  One reference implementation can
be found in the mail user agent sylpheed.  Some smaller examples are in the
test suite (tests/gpg/ directory of the GPGME source code).  If you have any
specific questions you can ask them here on this list.  This will also help
us to find out where the documentation should be better.

Please keep in mind that GPGME is still under development.  Some parts are
subject to changes, in particular the trust item interface comes to mind.
Most parts are relatively stable, though.  Also, we are constantly adding
new features to make it more usable and complete.  If in doubt, feel free
to ask.


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