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On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 10:42:40AM +0530, Thanga Prakash S wrote:
> The name of the recipients is used to identify the key using its real name..
> Is it correct? or Is there any other relation between recipients and key?

Yes, indeed.  I think you can also use the fingerprint, or something else
you provide with the -r option to GnuPG.

> I have doubt, why the test programs are created as wrapper scripts instead of
> binary files directly?  (binary files are stored in .libs directory)

They must be linked to the compiled library, not to the installed library,
so they need the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment set up.  They also have some
other setup (GNUPGHOME and srcdir variables set).

> When the test programs are compiled, the compilation generates some
> test keys which are stored in the current directory. But when the test codes are executed,
> the program refers to the keys in the home directory (~USER/.gnupg/).
> Then i changed value of GNUPGHOME to the current directory..

Exactly, that's what the test scripts do for you :)  Try to run the tests
with "make check".  The complete way to run them manually is with something
like that:

$ pwd
$ GNUPGHOME=. srcdir=../../../tests/gpg LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../../gpgme/.libs .libs/lt-t-encrypt
for example (from the top of my head).

> As part of API, Is there any way to specify directory through API itself?

No.  Setting GNUPGHOME is basically the right strategy, because an
application should not be concerned about the configuration of the crypto
> How do i get to know the latest features/updation in GPGME?

There is a mailing list that informs you about all changes in the CVS
version.  I have problems accessing the web site right now so I
can not dig out what the mailing list was and how you subscribe to, it
should be something like gpgme-commit or so.  Important announcements
are also sent to this list here, but regular development is just documented
in the ChangeLog and NEWS file.  


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