Any reason why shared memory coprocess is disabled in gnupg 1.0.7

Francis J. Lacoste francis.lacoste at
Wed Jul 10 03:02:01 CEST 2002


I'm the developer of the CPAN module which offers an perl
interface to gnupg through it's coprocesss interface.

I've received email from users for whom the module stopped working once
they updated to gnupg 1.0.7 

After investigation, it turns out that the shared memory coprocess
interface is compiled out unconditionnally in gnupg 1.0.7. The
USE_SHM_COPRESSING macro is undefined at line 863 of g10/g10.c:

#undef USE_SHM_COPROCESSING      /* huh? */

The "huh?" comment makes me think that it is an error. In the Changelog
and NEWS files, I didn't find anything that talked about that new
"feature" of 1.0.7. Removing that line and recompiling makes the perl
GnuPG module work again. 

Was that a debugging statement that somebody forgot to take out before
release or are you planning on obsoleting the coprocess interface?

Thanks for your information

Francis J. Lacoste
francis at Contre.COM
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