problem deleting secret key

Tobias Klaus t.klaus at
Tue Jul 16 10:08:04 CEST 2002


i'm using gnupg (1.06) under winxp. bec in my keyring i got a secret
key without a public one, i tried to delete it following the
instructions in the faq (4.6)

the list command produced:

sec:u:1024:17:51A031F618096F84:2000-05-16::::Tobias Klaus <klaust at>:::

so i tried tried to use the id to delete it:

E:\GnuPP\GnuPG>gpg --delete-secret-key 51A031F618xxxF84

... and i got the following message:

gpg: key 18xxxF84: secret key without public key - skipped
gpg: 51A031F618xxxF84: user not found
gpg: 51A031F618xxxF84: delete key failed: secret key not available

any ideas?



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